Game Name: Motor World: Car Factory

Editor: Oh BiBi
Release Date: August 2012
Platforms: iOS, Android
Languages: English, French

Welcome to the nutty world of MOTOR WORLD: CAR FACTORY, where you manage your very own car factory.
Grow from humble origins into the most successful brand in the world!


Motor World: Car Factory places you as the manager of the craziest car company there’s ever been! Name your factory, design your logo, create your unique avatar, and you’re set! It’s time to build, combine, race, and sell increasingly amazing cars to get filthy rich!

Forget the rules! Monster trucks, drag racers, golf carts, moon buggies, hovercrafts, armored flamethrowing tanks - you can make it all, as long as the money’s good!

Don’t be alarmed when the inhabitants of Motor World come to you with all sorts of requests and odd jobs. Help them out for a reward!

Meet The Doc - scientist, engineer, time traveller, car mechanic! And CatMan, the hero we all deserve - who may need some change for the bus ride home. What about the racing obsessed Tortillas family; can you keep up with them?

And remember, no one gets to the top without help! Recruit friends to work in your shops, send each other gifts, or challenge them in the Grand Prix tournaments! It’s time to spread the word - a new car company is in town!


  • Simple tutorial: build your first car
  • Complete quests for rewards
  • Stay aware of demand to maximize profit
  • Level up to unlock new cars, buildings, and game modes!
  • Play with friends, race them, and trade gifts
  • Join special events for epic adventures


  • Fall in love with the light-hearted pixel-art and wacky characters
  • Allow yourself to be drawn in by that feeling of “Just one… more… car!”
  • Pick, choose, and combine out of 300+ cars
  • Unlock every car through the collection tree
  • Recruit workers from a pool of 300+ and level them up
  • Race your cars against friends in the Grand Prix for special rewards
  • Construct buildings and shops for extra cash
  • Join the events for extra challenges and huge rewards


  • “This is one of the best games I have ever played!!! I love this game!!!”
  • “I never found a great pixel game as good as this one and if you do find one it’s like once in every blue moon!”
  • “Play for hours and wonder where the time has gone, very addictive!”
  • “Me and my wife are both playing this and were well and truly hooked! Gotta build them all!”
  • “Great game. Lots to do. Excellent 8-bit look and sound effects.”
  • “Game is fun and has many things to do and goals to accomplish.
  • “I highly recommend this game for anyone who wants to enjoy an easy game that'll last.”

About Oh BiBi

Oh BiBi develops and publishes unique mobile games thanks to the expertise of its team made up of veterans from Gameloft and Ubisoft. Oh BiBi wants to seduce millions of people worldwide with games that deliver unique experiences and strong emotional impact. Humour, fun gameplay, and graphic quality are at the very heart of Oh BiBi’s work. Motor World Car Factory, Oh BiBi’s first game, was selected as one of App Store’s top 50 games.